Gift Guides: Inspiration (B&W)

Holiday Gift Guide
Buying gifts for your loved ones during this time of the year is always stressful. However, it is also the season where we are able express our appreciation and love for those who are close to us. 
It is always around this time where I would go online and go through countless amounts of gift guide posts/suggestions and so I thought I would add in my two cents.
I tried to stay gender-neutral as possible and since everyone appreciates fine aesthetics and non-colours, it is also a fool proof gift guide.

From L to R (& top to bottom)

Acne Misty Pullover- Alright, it's expensive and it is definitely not something you would give to a relative that you see once in a blue moon. However, it may be perfect for that one friend who loves fashion when it comes to simplicity and quality...and you know Acne Studios got you covered in that department. It is a menswear fit sweater so it can be gifted to your guy and girl friend.
Stelton Time Clock- For those who love to decorate with class. The clock’s minute arm is linked with and forms the clock face, casting an attractive shadow on the wall. It is about simplicity my friends - although there is nothing quite simple about time. 
Armani Dolci Chocolate Tea & Spread- Chocolate! Can't go wrong with chocolates, especially if they're from Armani. Think Nutella...but with a bit of a spice and class. (You can also buy these at Holt Renfrew for my fellow Canadians)
Denny Leather Backpack- Pricey. But oh-so-worth it. A leather backpack with convertible top that can be folded over or clipped up. Hand made in Montreal - need I say more?
Asos Metal Square Doorknocker Earrings- I have the exact same pair of earrings and they are pretty damn awesome. Makes a statement without overpowering your looks. Get asap.
Lucite Desk Collection- I stumbled across the anthropologie website the other day and couldn't help but notice these beautiful stationary items. They also have an acrylic pencil holder that would look stunning with white pencils. For that inner geeky friend :)
Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme- Wouldn't be a complete gift guide without a perfume, obviously. This is hands down, my favourite perfume for guys. This fragrance has a unique combination of luxury, art, and modernity for timeless elegance. Trust me on this one.
Tom Ford Fragrance- Not going to be everyone's cup of tea when it comes to this fragrance but it is gender friendly. If you're a girl and you do not like sweet, fruity or sugary scents, give this a whiff. It is definitely unique and luxurious smelling. A lot of spice and musk (tobacco) that is surprisingly smooth and not vulgar, with a delicate touch of vanilla. It is magical.

I hope few of these ideas were helpful and Happy Holidays everyone!

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