Travel Diary: Barcelona

Photography: Myriam N
I would like to live here one day. My Spanish (lo siento, mi espaƱol no es muy bueno) isn't the greatest, but hey, maybe the locals can teach me the way. Beautiful people, beautiful places.  


  1. These are stunning photos, you evidently have an amazing talent for photography - I was wondering what camera you use? The picture quality is great! :)

    I'm off to Barcelona soon & I'm so excited; even more so after seeing this xx


    1. Aww thankyou so much for your sweet comment :) I'm still working on my photographing skills ahah as of now, it's nothing i am super proud of :)
      But to answer your question, I use the Canon Rebel T3!

      I'm sure you are going to have the besttttttt time there. I already want to go back!!
      Have a safe trip and please blog about it!! :)